Why You Should Holiday in a Florida Villa

Florida is widely acclaimed as the sunshine state as the weather in Florida is most of the time tourist-friendly. Florida offers some exotic tourist spots – both man made as well as natural beauty spots.

Florida has tremendous potential for tourists with attractions galore like pristine beaches stretching across miles, the exquisite landscapes, lush golf courses, lot of pleasant greenery, unique water sports, refreshing springs and gorgeous rivers, dense forests, varied theme parks and the list is truly endless.

To visit Florida and see all the tourist attraction within few days is impossible as you and your family will need to spend a lot of time to cover all the prime attractions – not missing any.

And that is why renting a Florida villa becomes crucial. Besides, renting a vacation villa in Florida is what most holidaymakers prefer as an economically viable option.

If you wish to make the most of your Florida vacation and willing to spend a couple of weeks going round the places of attraction, it is far more sensible to rent a Florida villa in a location of your choice, instead of checking into different hotels and incurring heavy expenses.

You can choose to book a villa in Orlando where you have the most renowned attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios and the Seaworld. Tourists seeking a quieter location may opt for a beachside location like Marco Island, adjoining a wildlife reserve. All sorts of Florida villas are available and you can choose the one in keeping with your taste and needs.

Further, renting a Florida villa provides the much needed homely atmosphere and privacy for spending time with loved ones. Most of the villas provide shuttle service to places like Disney World and other important tourist spots, so you may not even need to rent a car.

Florida offers some of the most luxurious villas with pools and large multiple bedrooms. You can contact a local agent to help you find a suitable Florida villa. Or else, you can search the Internet to obtain exhaustive information about the various types of Florida villas with photographs and detailed specifications.

As numerous villas are available, you will have to determine if your villa should have a pool, how many bedrooms and what view you would like to enjoy from your window. More than all other factors, you have to decide on your budget.

Villas situated in posh areas like Clearwater and North Captive Island will be costlier because of their location, and are usually booked months in advance. Once you decide on the perfect villa of your choice, contact the concerned agent or the company that is renting it. Find out the availability and other terms and conditions of rental.

Orlando Villas generally offer an online booking system. You may have to remit a deposit and contact particulars. Some companies insist you make full payment. Of course, you should remember to obtain a receipt, booking confirmation and other reservation details.

Florida villas abound and keep steadily increasing and due to this, there is stiff competition. Tourists can therefore get very competitive rates. Some villas offer additional facilities and discount prices and you can certainly negotiate for a good deal.

Winter Sun Villa Rentals in Tenerife – A Top Choice for Winter Vacations?

Why are winter sun villa rentals in Tenerife such a popular choice for people from the UK for winter vacations?

Tenerife is one of the liveliest of the Canary Islands, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and an active nightlife making it ideal for holidaymakers who want to book winter holiday rentals for some winter fun in the sun. There are also numerous quieter destinations on the island that prove popular with families and couples who just want to get away from it all. It also appeals to older visitors who want to escape the winter weather back home for a few weeks and book a long term apartment rental in Spain.


If you want to escape the grey winter weather in the UK then Tenerife is the perfect place to look for winter sun villa rentals or even a long term apartment rental in Spain. Tenerife is one of the largest Spanish Canary Islands and is located just a few hundred kilometres off the coast of Africa. With an average temperature range between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit Tenerife has very pleasant weather. In the winter, temperatures generally never drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit making it a very appealing place for apartment or villa winter holiday rentals.


Winter sun villa rentals in Tenerife are tempting to sun-seekers from the UK and northern Europe because flight times are not too long. Flights from UK airports take around four hours varying slightly depending on which airport you fly from. There are plenty of cheap flights available in the off-season from most UK airports. However flights are in demand from December to February when many older tourists seeking a warm winter break book long term apartment rentals in Spain in Tenerife, so you need to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


South Tenerife

Los Cristianos is a very popular resort for winter sun villa rentals in the south of Tenerife. It is a quieter resort than Playa de las Americas and is very popular with families with young children, older couples and those who don’t want to dance till dawn every night. The old town, which can be found behind the harbour, has plenty of good shops, bars and restaurants.

The largest resort in the south of Tenerife is Playa de las Americas which is a purpose-built resort full of apartment winter holiday rentals and fantastic tourist facilities. It is much favoured by tourists from the UK and you will find plenty of English-style Pubs, restaurants and bars.

North Tenerife

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife and is a great place to visit if you book self-catering winter sun villa rentals in Tenerife. It has the best shopping in Tenerife with many multi-story shopping centres. It is an ideal place for a lovely stroll through the beautiful, tree-lined avenues, parks and squares.

Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most popular places to book winter sun villa lettings in the north of Tenerife and can be found at the mouth of the Orotava Valley with great views of Mount Teide. The resort is also home to the famous Loro Parque which is well worth a visit.


More and more people want to book winter sun villa rentals for Christmas and instead of turkey and tinsel want to enjoy sun and sand! If you fancy getting away in the festive season then Christmas holiday rentals in Tenerife could be for you! You can avoid the stress of Christmas dinner and enforced jollity and just kick-back and enjoy a sunny day on the beach. If you want to take all the family then a large villa rented direct from the property owner could reduce your holiday costs.

Perils of Booking a Villa Direct

The rise in direct booking websites has seen a boom in owners advertising their own properties, and as a result holiday makers are seeing a similar rise in villa holiday nightmares.

With the huge amount of concrete gone into building villas in Europe in the last 10 years competition is fierce for holiday rental income and owners have decided to take matters into their own hands to get bookings.

Very often booking direct with owners means your villa may be available for a slightly cheaper weekly rental than similar properties with professional management companies or letting agencies. The disadvantage to booking direct however is you have no guarantees of the standard on arrival or indeed how professional the owner maybe.

We are hearing more and more horror stories of people being let down by owners as their holidays draw closer. Only last week I spoke with a lady who was due to travel to Quinta do Lago in the Algarve within the next 3 weeks – she had contacted the owner to confirm her booking and lo and behold – he’d only gone and sold it!!

So she had flights booked, deposits paid and no accommodation. Fortunately the villa owner was honest enough to return her deposit but she was still left with no accommodation and the peak season about to begin and availability limited.

We have heard of people arriving at villas to find the gas and electricity cut off as the owner had not paid the bills to the management company. Not to mention the villas still under construction, while someone who has booked a week can often be gazumped when a villa owner has the option of a two or three week booking over the same time period.

One of the more unusual stories I heard last year was the villa with pool in Spain – everything about the villa was fine, the pool was perfect – except for one minor detail – the lack of water in the swimming pool!

Booking direct is a useful way to save some of the cost but it does carry risk. A professional rentals agency will reduce that risk by ensuring that properties are professionally managed and cleaned, both on arrival and during your stay.

A client arriving a 7pm on a Saturday evening who suddenly realises that the keys have not been made available on arrival will have to chase the owner for a resolution, not easy when the owner is at the theatre watching the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber. A lettings agency will have people available or at least checking messages hourly to resolve your issues as soon as possible, they will also have management companies available on the ground to come to your aid.

The another advantage of the lettings agency is if problems occur a professional lettings agency will be able to help put things right – for example if the person in the neighbouring villa decides on the Monday after your arrival that he wants to install a swimming pool a professional agency should be able to get you alternative accommodation.

A professional letting agency should also know the resort they are selling so will be able to assist you with any questions you might have while on holiday – such as which are the best restaurants, most popular golf etc.

Booking direct can be a money saver, but as more and more people are finding out, it can sometimes be a false economy. Arriving on a long awaited holiday, exhausted from the flights and with cranky children (or husband or wife!), the last thing you need is to be having major issues with your villa. Using a reputable lettings agency is not the solution to all holiday problems but is does give you more confidence that things will work out as planned.

Villas on the Beach of Barbados

Barbados is a coral island, pushed out of the sea by volcanic activity long, long ago.

Undeniably the most “British” island in the Caribbean. Cricket is the national pastime, the ritual of afternoon tea and dressing for dinner are all firmly entrenched in tradition. However, it is hardly stuffy. It is still in the Caribbean.

Depending what type of surroundings are desired will determine what part of the island to visit. Book luxury villas on the West Coast, featuring a coral shore beach of fine white sand and a blue green sea that offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

The South Coast is the rolling terrain of limestone hills along with a vast array of caves and underground lakes. Central Barbados has sugar cane plantations with vast plantation homes where the first settlers of Barbados can be seen. The East Coast is where the Atlantic Ocean connects with the island. Surfing is very popular in this area.

If looking for villas on the beach in Barbados, the majority of locations are on the West Coast, with a few on the South and Southwest Coasts. If beach clubs, putting greens, and private or secluded locations are more appropriate, other areas offer exclusive access to golf and tennis.

The most telling reason it is the best island to visit is that everyone wants to go back, with the highest percentage of return visitors of all the Caribbean islands. Typically Barbados offers sunshine everyday with eight to nine hours of sunshine per day. Average temperature range is 28 to 31 degrees Celsius.

December through May are the driest months and September through November are the wettest months. Rain showers are normally over very quickly. They tend to be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Hurricane season officially runs from June through October. However, a hurricane there is a very rare occurrence. The last direct hit was in 1955, and prior to that in 1898.

Check online bookings or popular events during the time you want to travel for cricket matches, jam-packed Reggae on the Hill event, the annual season of outdoor theater and musical performances hosted in The Gardens of Holders Great House.

Decisions to make ahead of time include the number of bedrooms, appropriate budget, and other desires related to each of the villas locations, i.e. proximity to beach or nightlife or if a private location is preferred.
Definitely know the date range desired. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak months of December through April.

It is also helpful to know which premium features are desired: air conditioned bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, exclusive locations, private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sun deck, sun loungers, private stairway, restaurants within walking distance, white sandy beach sand, coves, and use of cook, maid, laundry, or housekeeper services.

Inquire about desired elements or email requirements to host property, such as presence of management at each of the villas and availability of other staff (cook, butler, maid, laundress, security). After a vacation rental has been booked, contact the host property to help organize the extras: airport transfers, booking restaurants, groceries, hiring a car, or even making sure all baby needs during stay are secured.

If available, request airport transfers in advance. After being on a plane that long, someone to pick everyone up and take everything straight to the villa will be a welcome sight. There are also car rental agencies. Ask each property to arrange a car rental, either for pick up at the airport or for drop off at the villas. To book directly: Stout’s Car Rental is a family-owned company that offer good quality car hire rentals.

Items definitely needed include: sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses, mosquito protection, light clothing, camera / video camera, driver’s license. Whether you are looking for nightlife, shopping, sports, sightseeing, or just want to relax at one of the beautiful villas on the beach, Barbados has it all.

A Helpful Guide to Book a Villa Holiday

Every summer holidays, we chalk out our travel plans and wish to do something very different. However, being different at times means you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone. This gets difficult when planning and a lot of people wish to keep their plans simple and easy to make. If you truly wish to enjoy something different on these vacations and have a relaxing break, a villa holiday is the most perfect choice. Here is why it is ideal for you to book a villa vacation.

1. You can afford it!

A lot of travelers think that to book a villa is extremely expensive. You really need to be a millionaire to afford it. Surprisingly, this isn’t true. You will come across villas of all kinds, and all sorts of budget. Booking early can help you save a huge deal. A villa is a lot like your home, and if you find the perfect one you’ll have the most ideal break. You’d be surprised to find out that a villa break might turn out to be cheaper than the hotel. Because they are mostly booked on a weekly basis, you can save a lot!

2. You’d Never be Short of Options

Luckily for the traveler, villas are situated all over the globe. This means you don’t have to drop any of your special plans. You can travel to any destination around the world. Simply replace the hotel with a villa. Just like budget airlines have become very famous over the recent years, villas are also a relatively latest trend. A villa break is perfect for all those who are traveling with their family or with a larger group.

3. Endless Capacity

There are many amazing aspects of booking a villa vacation. One of the best of these is the space you enjoy, which isn’t seen even in the most luxurious hotels. It’s literally like a home and you can move out and about at your own ease without being bound by any restrictions. Even in a very large group, everyone will have space of their own. This means you can enjoy your own private moments. In addition, a villa means you can indulge in a lot of indoor games and outdoor adventures. A self catered kitchen will come out to be a great help in this regard. Space is something that is definitely enjoyed by everyone on a villa holiday.

4. A Villa is Safer

The safety inside a villa is a huge relief, especially for families traveling with younger children. This way parents do not have to restrict activities of their children as there are no dangers in and around the area. A lot of indoor and outdoor fun is possible on a villa break, and you can enjoy everything that pleases you!

Get the Most of Your Barbados Holiday – Stay in a Private Villa

Barbados holidays are priced just right for the smart and savvy island hopper. Flee the rat race and experience Barbados bliss with your own private villa priced to meet and exceed most budgets. The west coast of Barbados is destination number one for sun seekers who want the freedom and flexibility to take Barbados their own way. Barbados villas for rent are the new chic and trendy way to travel and to kiss your big city cares good bye.

Barbados Villas Are Convenient
Unpack and plan to stay in a spacious living space just like home. Barbados villas range from efficient one bedroom units to expansive four and five bedroom homes. Villa living affords plenty of closet space, a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms and private patios and backyards on select units. Book your Barbados villa in the animated rain forest, beach front views or conveniently located in the heart of town.

Barbados Villas Are Economical
Compared to the cost of booking a traditional hotel, reserving villas on the west coast of Barbados can save you a ton of money. Cut the cost of hotel dining with a tasty meals whipped up in your own private kitchen. Save some more with a rental car option instead of taxis and park your wheels in your own garage. In addition to the basic savings a villa rental offers, large parties off on holiday together like to split the cost between family and friends.

A Barbados Villa For Rent Is Easy To Book
Browse your Barbados villa options online with a wealth of booking information at your fingertips. Villa rentals have emerged as one of the most requested travel modes for their comfort, affordability and excellent island locations. Villa advertisements tell you everything you need to know to make a sound decision and book the best. Shop with online photos, nightly and weekly rates, special discounts and incentives, and a general description of the villa’s location. In addition to regular competitive prices, be sure to consider all your options and snap up the deal of the day and special seasonal sales. Barbados villas for rent are as easy to book as a traditional hotel and also offer exciting discount packages with all the holiday perks.

Booking west coast villas takes you where you want to be with some of the best beaches and attractions on the island. Visit an old rum factory at the Cockspur Beach Club at Brandons Beach or sample the ultimate water sports at Weisers On the Bay. Swim with the turtles then beat the heat with a visit to the hip and happening Priva Barbados for live music to dance the night away. Take the party to a new underwater level with a tour of the crystal clear waters on the Atlantis Submarine to meet the friendly fishes up-close and personal. Round out the day with a mad dash for the Jolly Roger high seas adventure for a swashbuckling pirate excursion on the Caribbean seas. Barbados villas for rent puts you in the driver’s seat for fast action island adventure and priced just right at a steal of a deal.

What Villa Should You Book When Traveling for a Vacation?

All of us need a vacation once in a while to relax, to unwind and to escape the grinding everyday routine. If you are going on a holiday with your family, then renting a villa is one of the best ways to make the most of your time away from home and work. When it comes to renting the ideal villa for your family, you have to make sure that you choose one that will suit your kids, family members and yourself alike. One thing you need to understand is that renting a villa might sound luxurious but it is not necessarily very expensive. In fact, the cost of renting a villa can be lower than renting 2-3 rooms to accommodate your whole family in a good hotel. Also, you don’t have to put up in the confined space of a hotel room.

Whether you want to bring your total cost of accommodation down, or want to have the ultimate level of privacy when holidaying with family, renting a 3 bedroom villa is the ideal choice for you. It can offer you abundant space, and privacy and comfort just like home. But, in order that you enjoy your villa vacation to its full potential, you have to do your homework before renting one. You also have to be clear and sure about your idea of a villa vacation.

The location of the villa matters a lot. You may want to rent one of the best villas in a remote area in order to have a quiet and relaxing time or you may want to rent one that is near to one of the happening beaches at your holiday destination. When holidaying with kids, you have to make sure that the villa you rent is kid-friendly and that there is enough space for everyone. Choosing a three-bedroom villa for your holiday can go a long way in accommodating the needs of all your family members.

When it comes to booking a villa, there are a couple of options you have. You can either find a property on your own or book one via a rental agency or tour operator. Of course there is no harm in booking it on your own, but it is generally considered safer to book it through a reputable villa rental company. Before zeroing in on a particular property, make sure you check out its location, the amenities provided, its kid-friendliness, etc. Also check out if pets are allowed, if there is a provision for extra guests, what the transportation facilities are like, things to do in and around the place, etc. The more you have an idea about the place, the easier it will be for you to decide. Also, make a point to thoroughly check out the villa rental agreement terms and conditions to avoid any last minute surprises.

To make the most of your villa holiday, you must find a villa that exactly suits your needs. It is also advisable to book it well in advance. If you take all the appropriate steps when booking a villa for your holiday abroad, you will easily find one that is within your budget and that provides all the amenities you require.

Winter Sun Villa Rentals in Gran Canaria – For the Perfect Late Season Getaway

Winter sun villa rentals in Gran Canaria are an excellent choice for a late season getaway as the climate makes this island an ideal all year round vacation destination. If you are fed up with the weather back home and long for a seaside holiday why not book winter getaway vacation rentals on Gran Canaria. This island is a ‘dream come true’ for beach lovers, with plenty of wonderful sandy beaches on which to relax and sunbathe. As well as sunshine and plentiful beaches the island has a magnificent mountainous interior which was formed by ancient volcanic activity. This island really is a fantastic place to book your winter sun accommodation. If cash is tight why not save some money and book your winter sun self catering accommodation direct from the private owners?

Some of the most popular resorts on the island to book winter sun villa rentals are Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and Puerto Rico.

Playa del Ingles

If you book your winter getaway vacation rentals in Playa del Ingles you will discover that it is one of the biggest holiday complexes in Spain. Playa del Ingles was created in the 1960’s and is full of high-rise hotels, shopping malls and fast-food restaurants. It is the ideal place to book your winter holiday hire whether you are holidaying alone, as a family, with a group of friends or as a couple. Plenty of winter sun accommodation is available including many privately let bungalows and villas in the quieter streets if you prefer to be away from the lively resort centre. For those who book self-catering accommodation there is an extensive selection of supermarkets, restaurants, bars and shops.


Maspalomas can be found about 20 minutes by car or bus from Puerto Rico on the south-east coast of Gran Canaria. Maspalomas is the longest established and one of the biggest holiday resorts and is a fabulous place to book your winter sun villa rentals. Maspalomas has plenty of holidaymaker amenities as well as an excellent winter climate. Maspalomas is generally considered to be more upmarket than Playa del Ingles with a slightly better class of winter sun accommodation. The famous Dunas de Maspalomas (sand dunes) provide endless miles of sand, and for the more energetic there are excellent sports and water sports facilities. If you book self-catering winter getaway vacation rentals there are hundreds of bars and restaurants to suit every taste. To keep the kids amused there are also some great theme parks to visit such as Holiday World where you can enjoy all the fun of the fair or Aqualand, a water theme park, which is perfect for children and adults alike. If you are a golf enthusiast and have booked your winter sun villa rentals in Maspalomas, why not try a round at the local Campo de Golf Course.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is situated in the sunny south of Gran Canaria and is one of the most well-liked family resorts to book winter sun villa rentals. During the summer season it is very busy, but in the winter there is an altogether more laid-back ambience. Puerto Rica has a small sandy beach and is an ideal place to sunbathe. If you are feeling lively and want to take part in some water-sports you can choose from jet-skiing, sailing, diving, big-game fishing and windsurfing. Other attractions available away from the beach include golf, a Water Park and shopping.

So what are you waiting for? Go online and find some websites which list fantastic winter sun villa rentals in Gran Canaria to book direct with the private owners. Then book your flights, organize your travel insurance, buy some sunscreen, dig out your sunglasses and off you go! Leave the winter gloom at home behind and enjoy some much needed fun in the sun.

Bali Luxury Villas Have Many Benefits Beyond Hotels

Perhaps because hotels are so heavily marketed, holidaymakers seeking a vacation on the island of the gods – Bali, Indonesia – too often overlook the many benefits of renting a luxury villa for their overseas holiday.

The hotel marketers have done such a good job that official statistics show that more than 70% of visitors to Bali choose to stay in plush hotels and only 16.4% decide to experience the unique benefits of a luxury villa vacation.

Hotels are generally owned by multi-national companies that have developed a formula for running their businesses. While there are some notable exceptions, they too often build hotels based on construction templates that have proved popular elsewhere. Their aim is to cram as many guests into their establishments as is practically possible and space is at a premium. Some even build smaller furniture to fit better and give the illusion of larger space.

Villas, on the other hand, are mostly owned by private individuals who have designed their building from their hearts, like their home. Many spend time living there when the villa is not rented out, so their work hard to ensure the decor, furnishings, atmosphere and facilities are first rate.

Hotels offer single rooms for their standard rate and anyone wanting more will pay a hefty extra fee for a suite. Most of their business is couples or single travellers. They have strict rules and regulations relating to meal times, facility use and specialise in adding extra costs for whatever service you use, such as room service, laundry, telephone and internet.

The hotel business model is built on booking a single room (usually a double bed or two singles) and amplifying your booking fee as much as possible with added extras. The per head cost will usually be much more than what you would pay to book a luxury Bali villa for your vacation.

Many luxury Bali villas have four or more bedrooms and can cater for up to eight people. This makes them ideal for a group booking, whether it be by a family having a special gathering (anniversary, birthday, wedding), a club (book club, walking club, dining club, wellness club or SCUBA club), or perhaps a company running an annual corporate planning break.

The group booking factor is where the costs of renting a villa can really show great value, compared to the higher costs of hotels. For example, if the villa charged US$340 a night it would be, at first glance, up there with some of the more expensive hotels. However, when you calculate the actual per head rate is where the villa value shines. For a villa sleeping eight people and charging US$340 a night, the per head cost would be just US$42.50 a head per night, like way cheaper than a hotel fee.

The villa value does not stop there. Many of Bali’s estimated 10,000 private villas will offer further discounted rates for longer term stays of a week or more.

As to service, villas also shine ahead of the hotel experience. Many Bali villas employ local Balinese as on-site helpers to cook meals, do laundry, clean rooms and serve drinks to guests. Villa meals can be prepared to a guest’s precise requirements and they can even accompany helpers as they go to local markets to purchase groceries – a great introduction to the local Balinese culture.

Often villas will employ three or four helpers and these can even outnumber the guests, ensuring great service as it is required. The helpers are generally coordinated by a villa manager who is on call 24/7 to promptly handle any issues that arise for guests. You can be sure that you will develop a special friendship with villa managers and helpers, way beyond what would be possible if you stayed in a hotel.

Unlike hotels, which are often constructed in busy city centres near the noisey action of nightclubs, big restaurants and late night shopping, villas are more likely to be in rural areas of Bali, specifically to escape the city chaos. From your hotel window in Denpasar you are more likely to have a view of half-built hotels, construction cranes and traffic jams. You can expect to share your hotel swimming pool, if it has one, with crowds of fellow holidaymakers and to have to put up with possible late night parties, splashing and screaming, because Denpasar has become hugely popular to the younger generation seeking party time.

Unfortunately, the south of Bali too often has lost its spirituality, peace and quiet. It has sometimes become a victim of its own popularity.

From your Bali villa patio – and patios with panoramic views are a common villa feature – you can expect, instead, to see the wide ocean, with an illusion of a curved horizon, or a mountain valley and coastal plain, with sparkling night lights below.

Villas are sometimes built in the midst of villages, giving guests the opportunity to talk to local people and learn of the community culture that is very special to Bali. Villas have private swimming pools for your use only, and generally have lush gardens where you can enjoy peace and privacy.

Would you rather holiday in a luxury house, or a cramped hotel room? Would you prefer beautiful natural scenery rather than construction cranes? You choice for your next holiday should put booking a luxury Bali villa at the top of your list if you want to discover the ‘real’ Bali.

Private Rental Villas Vs Average Hotels

A vacation means a lot of expenses. You spend money booking for tickets, accommodation, travel, local shopping etc. It is natural that you would look for ways to saving money and budget your expenses. In such cases you may end up booking for a cheap, second grade hotel which may spell a disaster. Villas might be a luxury and people think they have to pay a huge amount for booking villas. However, this is not so. You can book a luxury villa at the same price as that of a cheap hotel. This is done when you book directly with the house owner. Are you planning for a vacation in Crete? Then you can reduce the vacation cost and have a beautiful vacation by booking for a villa with the homeowners directly.

Holiday homes are a great idea when it comes to enjoying vacation with your family, friends, wedding parties, party travel, get together and honeymoons. The idea here is you do not pay on per head basis. In hotels you pay on per head basis for the number of rooms booked and occupied. In villas however, you pay as a whole- the number of people does not matter. Holiday villas can be rented in various locations and destinations when you go for vacation villa rentals. The villas can be rented taking into consideration the locations, pictures and other details.

Crete Island has affordable villas and accommodations. The accommodations are self-catering. The basic amenities are excellent. The ease and comfort provided are much more than what you get in a hotel. You will have a more relaxing and comfortable experience in villas than in hotels no matter how luxurious they are. Booking directly with homeowners in Crete has another advantage. The owners can give you information about the exact location of the house, the geographical conditions, the facilities near the house and the local cuisine there. This is not possible when you book for villas through an agency. Also the owners can give you additional information on the major tourist attractions, the local dialect and cuisines.

The best way to reach your area in Crete is by hiring a car. It would be wise if you book a car in advance. Hire-car services can give you really good deals considering the competition in the market. On booking a hire-car service before leaving you will get car services at a cheaper rate. This is not likely when to try to hire a car after arriving in Crete. So avoid disappointment by booking for one in advance.

Private vacation rental villas are very versatile. They have all the basic infrastructure and facilities that an average hotel can offer. Unlike hotels, the rental villas in Crete also have complete kitchen amenities thus enabling you to cook whatever you wish and also prepare their local cuisine on your own.

A private vacation villa in Crete is the perfect get away from the cro